My D-CipherArt project exists for two reasons: one, I like puzzles and two, I like art. In order to put my name out there as a designer seeking work, I put the two together, and am giving it away to whoever deciphers it. True, I could have gone avant-garde by tattooing these images on my body and running around nude while calling it performance art, but I find this infinitely more practical, and a lot more fun for all involved.

To the “finding work” end, I am a freelance designer/full-time factory worker in Portland, Oregon. I would love to make that “full-time designer/former factory worker;” to contact me about job opportunities, please e-mail me at dcipher.art@gmail.com.

Now, some details:

  • Beginning Monday, June 13, 2011, I will post one piece per week over four weeks.
  • Each contest will stay active for six calendar months from date of posting.
  • Whoever e-mails me at dcipher.art@gmail.com with the correct, verbatim answer will win a print of the piece they decode.
  • Should multiple people submit a correct answer for a piece, the one with the earliest e-mail time stamp will win.
  • Each piece is 12×12 inches, and will be hand-signed and numbered (I will only produce 5 of each piece, so it will be numbered X/5).
  • Upon my acknowledging your correct answer, I will request a mailing address where I can send the piece. If you don’t want to provide this, I cannot send you a piece, and the contest for that piece will continue. Please consider this before submitting.
  • At the end of six months, the contest for each piece will cease, though submissions are still welcome.

This project is run at my sole discretion. I will not sell or otherwise disseminate your name, e-mail address or physical address. Please direct any questions to the above e-mail address before submitting an answer. Your submitting an answer indemnifies me against whatever claims may arise through this project and constitutes agreement with my terms. 


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