A Quick Primer

So if you’ve read the first post, you’re probably wondering how this all works. Before we kick this off, let’s pause a minute for a quick demonstration using a simple code.

Take the header. Pretty to look at, right? I’d like to think so, at least. Aside from its visual appeal, it also contains a message. Take these first few columns:

Demonstration of coded message

If we take stock of things, we’ll notice there’s distinct groupings delineated by color. If we count up the number of squares in each color grouping, we come up with this:

Partially decoded message

Which – if we bust out that A=1, B=2, etc. code we all learned in grade school – gives us the following:

Final text of decoded message

So there we go. Extending the same logic, we can decode the rest of the header and feel good about ourselves for an afternoon. Remember, Monday afternoon it goes live, so be ready. It may be this easy, it may not…