The Three Eyes

That would be “I’s,” rather: Immaterial, Irrelevant & Inconsequential. A joke? Maybe. Decode it and find out, then e-mail me at

This marks the final piece in this series. I don’t have correct answers for any of the others yet, so all are still up for grabs. I’ll continue to post updates, and as I’ve said before, all pieces are active for six months from the post date. At about three months, if no one’s correctly decoded any of them, I’ll provide one clue for each of them. Let’s see what you’ve got!


Prophet! Thing of Evil!

Alright, we’re still going strong, with the first two pieces still there for the taking. Here’s another. Crack the code, e-mail me at, and you’ve got a nice piece of artwork for your living room wall. Figure out all three? Yep, you get ’em all. Get all three, plus the one I haven’t posted yet? Now you’re just scaring me.

Third encoded design piece



Round two, as it were. No one’s figured out the first yet, so both the first and second pieces are still up for grabs; all it takes is e-mailing me at with the correct deciphered text.

Encoded design piece 2Best of luck to all. Remember, each of these stays active for six months from the date of posting. Just be the first to e-mail me the correct text, and a print is yours.

Free Art? Read On…

This is Not Good Graphic Design.

Good graphic design enlightens, clarifies and informs. Here, I’m making every effort to confuse you.

Let me backtrack a little. I have a series of four pieces, each with a message encoded in it. The codes vary, and none are encoded exactly the same way. Approximately once a week for the next month, beginning Monday 06/13/2011, I’ll be posting a piece for you to decode. Each one stays up until someone figures it out (up to six months). Decode it, and it’s yours. Seriously.

The first person to contact me at with the correct, exact text of one of the encoded messages gets a 12”x12” signed, numbered original print of the piece they decode. No strings attached, shipped at my expense, the whole nine.

But… Why?

Right now, no one knows who I am, which is fine except when it comes to graphic design work. I have a degree in advertising and public relations with a minor in graphic design, which is great except it doesn’t translate into demonstrable experience. This, in the end, demonstrates a small fraction of what I can do for an organization. Should you happen to be interested in contacting me for job inquiries, I am available at

How do I Know This is Legit?

Well, you don’t. This is the Internet, after all. Seriously though, I have every intention of giving away all four pieces, and am the only one who knows the message they contain – my friends, family and fiancee don’t know. If I had a dog, the dog wouldn’t know. Basically, it’s fair game. Let’s get cracking, so to speak!

Be sure to contact me with any questions prior to submitting an answer. I will not sell or otherwise use for commercial purposes your name, e-mail or physical address. All other elements of this project are at my sole discretion.